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      Bone Fractures

      Bone Fracture Specialist Webster TX

      Orthopedic surgery was founded on the treatment of broken bones. Actually, the origin of “orthopedics” (prior to the Age of surgical treatment) derived from the Greek words orthos ( “correct” or “straighten”) and paidion (“child”), and addressed the correction of spinal deformities in children.

      Obviously, it’s evolved quite a bit since the 18th century, and our specialty now has the capability to manage a variety of fracture types and locations with an equally varied list of treatment options.

      Bone Fracture Treatment Options

      Conservative treatment with braces and casts remains the treatment of choice for the majority of fractures that people encounter, but in the event that a fracture has lost opposition to other fracture segments (displacement), is out of alignment to the other fracture segments (angulation), is unstable (comminuted) or involves the loss of joint congruity (intra-articular involvement), surgery provides the best chance of an optimal outcome.

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